Luggage security
made SIMPLE.


How Securoseal Protects.

  • Strap your suitcase closed, seal your zips and keep a numbered receipt.

  • Moving zips can be opened and resealed in seconds. Securoseal isolates zips.

  • Stronger than 2x your maximum check in weight. Securoseal stays sealed.

  • You can write on each Securoseal to assist you in reclaiming your luggage.

  • Tamper evident technology helps you detect a tampering event.

  • Travel friendly - Securoseal can be released without scissors upon arrival.

Tamper Indicators

Each Securoseal device is engineered to be tough enough to survive transportation and sensitive enough to detect tampering. Every device features a unique ‘5 phase’ tamper detection system to protect you.

See how it works:

Tamper evident
surface seal.

Highly sensitive tamper indication with a unique identity number. Tampering in any direction will create a void tamper pattern.

Tamper evident
load bearing seal.

Strong enough to hold double the maximum checked weight limit for luggage. Once sealed, tampering in any direction will cause the surface to fragment.

Tamper evident
zip seal.

Isolate zips with a single use cable tie. Includes an internal ‘one way’ metal sealing device. Numbered & bar coded to match the unique identity number of your seal. Once sealed, attempted removal will leave tamper evidence on the cable tie.

Identification &
receipt system.

Each seal is marked with a unique identity number and includes a tamper evident receipt that is adhesive. Keep the receipt with you to verify the identity number of your seal.

Single use
buckle release.

At your destination, your seal can be released without cutting tools. Use of this function will leave tamper evidence on the buckle.

Proven Reliability.

Airport tested, used by thousands daily.
Securoseal is a proven product. Airport authorities have successfully tested it in the USA, Australia, China and Colombia. Our product made headlines when Airports Company South Africa chose Securoseal to safeguard baggage during FIFA World Cup 2010. In 2014 Securoseal became the sole luggage security product offered to millions of departing passengers in Bogota Colombia’s new international airport. Every day, we ship products purchased online worldwide. Join the growing number of passengers that choose Securoseal.

Gold Standard:
Here's why.

Others might claim that title. We earned it.
Before you purchase any tamper evident product, make an informed decision and ask these questions:

Is it strong enough for your luggage?

Securoseal’s band is strong enough to carry more than two suitcases, each loaded with maximum check in weight. It is the strongest tamper evident product in the field.

Can it survive baggage handling?

The same sealed bag was circulated in Sydney Airport’s baggage handling system continuously for 2 weeks. They gave up before our seal did.

Is it proven reliable in the field?

Securoseal’s reliability is proven. Our product has been years in the field, used to seal hundreds of thousands of bags and relied upon by airport authorities, airlines and passengers alike.

Is the product quality consistent?

Securoseal’s quality is guaranteed. No shortcuts here. We use premium materials by DuPont and 3M in our own dedicated manufacturing facility.

Does the product have a track record?

Our product has been used by authorities to disrupt criminal activity in airports. The successful results made headlines. Enough said.

Don’t settle for less.

To safeguard your belongings and protect your legal rights, you deserve the best. Choose Securoseal.


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Get protection.

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