What is Securoseal?

Securoseal is an internationally patented product designed to enhance your luggage security. Once applied, it straps your suitcase closed and seals and isolates the zip, protecting you against concealed zip breaches. Securoseal provides you with something that locks do not: comprehensive protection for your luggage that allows you to detect tampering.

What are the key features of Securoseal?

Securoseal includes the following features:

  • A single use strap that affixes around a suitcase.  Each strap is reinforced to provide a high weight bearing capacity and is tamper evident. 
  • Cable tie seals for zips which allow you to seal and also isolate your zips to a fixed point on the strap.  Each cable tie seal is tamper evident. 
  • A receipt system which uniquely identifies each Securoseal device.  The receipt is adhesive, allowing it to be permanently affixed to travel documents. 
  • An identification number.  The strap, the seal and the receipt each bear a corresponding number, so substituting components will be detectable.   

How is Securoseal superior to generic locks and luggage seals?

There are a number of key differences between Securoseal and generic locks and luggage seals:

  • Generic locks and luggage seals only join the two sliders of your zip together, leaving them free to travel along the zip chain of your suitcase. This allows for the zip chain to be breached and resealed with something as simple as an ordinary pen without breaking the lock or luggage seal. This means someone can open and close your suitcase, without leaving a trace. Securoseal is different – it isolates the zip to a fixed point in a tamper evident manner – meaning that such a breach cannot occur without leaving irreversible evidence of tampering. 
  • Unlike generic locks and luggage seals, each component of Securoseal bears an identity number and includes a receipt, so your Securoseal cannot be replaced if breached without you knowing about it. The receipt system also means that when you use Securoseal, you have proof that you keep with you. Even if your Securoseal is removed without your permission, the receipt is evidence that you have used the seal prior to consigning your luggage for transportation. 
  • Securoseal is able to be written upon, allowing you to mark your luggage. This makes it easier for you to identify your luggage. 
  • Securoseal uses materials from a number of leading companies like DuPont and 3M in a proprietary design that has been developed to secure luggage, ensuring that your choice in luggage security is a reliable one. Most generic locks and luggage seals use unsophisticated designs, poor workmanship and low quality materials. The result speaks for itself: most locks (including TSA accepted locks) are able to be easily breached and resealed without leaving a trace. 

Why do I need Securoseal?

A:  The majority of suitcases in use today are soft shelled cases which are sealed by a zip chain with two sliders that open and seal the zip chain. These cases are designed to open and close repetitively, with ease of function rather than security as the top design priority. Travel accessory providers sell the story that this type of luggage can be secured with a lock or a cable tie. While that may be good marketing sense, this claim is simply untrue. The truth is that even if two zip sliders are joined together with a lock or luggage seal, if the zip heads move along the zip chain, your suitcase can be opened and resealed with something as common as a pen without leaving any trace. Additionally, if your lock uses poor quality materials or a simple locking mechanism, it can also be opened and resealed with something as common as a paperclip without leaving a trace. Every suitcase matching this description is therefore unsecured - whether locked or not. Securoseal solves this problem – it isolates your zips to a fixed point and records the outer seal of your luggage in a tamper evident manner. With Securoseal, you can determine that your luggage has arrived intact and without change – and if it has been breached, it allows you to take steps to address that breach before it becomes your problem.

Is Securoseal for use on luggage only or I can use it on freight as well?

Securoseal is designed to provide maximum tamper evident protection for suitcases. A freight related product will be released in the future. Please check this website regularly for product updates.

How do I use Securoseal on my luggage?

Using Securoseal is easy. It can be applied in seconds anywhere and requires no additional tools to apply. All you need to do is follow the simple pictorial instructions that are included with each Securoseal product. Pictorial and video instructions are also available on our website.

Who manufactures Securoseal?

Securoseal is an Australian designed product that is manufactured and sold by Securoseal Global Limited.  You can find out more information about Securoseal Global Limited, its Directors and its affiliated companies in the 'About Us' section of our website. We have also undergone Advanced SSL certificate checks with GoDaddy and verification by PayPal, as evidenced by the website seals displayed on the footer of our website.

What do I get in each Securoseal twin pack and are there hidden charges?

Securoseal is available now online. Each Securoseal pack contains a minimum of 2 x Securoseal straps, 2 x cable ties and 2 x receipts – enough protection for your suitcase both to and from your destination. We believe in a simple, upfront pricing policy. Accordingly, there are no ongoing costs. Simply choose your product quantity, your delivery option and the listed price will display your product cost, taxes, and postage charges that can be confirmed before you make payment. 

Does Securoseal come with a warranty?

Securoseal offers a guarantee of workmanship and materials used in the Securoseal device.

Is there a limit to how many Securoseal devices I can purchase?

No. Securoseal Global Limited is able to provide Securoseal in any quantity, for both retail and industrial clients.

Who delivers Securoseal once I place my order?

Securoseal has partnered with global logistics provider ShipWire, to warehouse our product on several continents to facilitate fast, trackable delivery of our product.  When you place your order, your address details are provided to Shipwire, which automatically selects the warehouse closest to you and provides both economy and express shipping options for you to choose from.  Shipping costs are provided to you in real time, without mark up, direct from local postage services and express market leaders like Fedex and DHL.  Once you select your preferred shipping option, the order details are confirmed and submitted electronically at that time to ShipWire for shipping.

Can I buy Securoseal in bulk and receive a discount?

Securoseal is available for purchase now.  We offer Securoseal in a range of quantities, at discounted prices based on volume.  Please check this website regularly for product updates.

What payment options are available for online purchases?

Payment methods include all major credit cards, debit cards and Paypal.  While our payments are handled by Paypal, you do not need a Paypal account to purchase Securoseal.

Do you keep my credit card information and is your website safe?

Our website is protected by an Advanced SSL certificate from GoDaddy (the highest SSL certificate available, including 256 bit encryption), backed up with a $1 million dollar guarantee from GoDaddy. Once you select our product for purchase, your financial transaction is processed under 256 bit SSL encryption by the Paypal network. For your security, Securoseal does not record nor have access to any of your financial information at any time. For further details, please read our privacy policy, which is accessible on the footer of our website.

Where do I purchase Securoseal?

Securoseal is currently available online and at select retailers.  We are also available at the international departures terminal of El Dorado International Airport in Bogota, Colombia.  We are in discussions with several domestic and international airport authorities to make our product available at other sites internationally.  Please check this website regularly for information updates.

What is meant by the ‘point to point’ security offered by Securoseal?

When you provide your luggage to a service provider for transportation, it is often assumed that the service provider will retain custody and control of your luggage until your suitcase is returned to you. In reality, this rarely occurs. Your luggage travels through unmonitored areas of airport/freight infrastructure (sometimes multiple times in different facilities) and is handled by many people before it is returned to you. Service providers do their best to provide a reliable service, but there are no guarantees regarding your luggage safety. The ‘point to point’ security offered by Securoseal means that by using our product, you will be able to independently determine whether your case is sealed in the same manner at the point of arrival as it was when you originally consigned it for transport at the point of departure. Securoseal makes security simple: All you need to do is check that your Securoseal is intact.

Can I use Securoseal in lock free travel areas?

Securoseal is not a lock, it is a tamper detection device. It is therefore compliant for use in ‘lock-free’ zones that ban generic locks on checked luggage. Using Securoseal will not prevent authorities from searching your luggage but you will know if a hand search has occurred. Remember, only a very small percentage of luggage is hand searched (estimated at less than 4% in TSA controlled airports), meaning the vast majority of luggage breaches are not legally authorized.

If airports and other travel infrastructure are secure areas, why do I need Securoseal?

Access to transportation and an unlimited supply of poorly secured valuables makes travel environments attractive to criminals. While authorities and service providers do their best to provide a safe environment for you, luggage transportation systems at most airports and other travel infrastructure (in both developed and developing regions) continue to be significantly affected by criminal activity, including theft rings, smuggling activity and organised crime. Additionally, many legal systems assume travelers are responsible for the contents of their luggage if prohibited items are found unless the traveler can prove otherwise – meaning that you bear the risk of a tampering event should one occur. While this may sound sensational, criminal activity has been documented by a wide range of publicly available press reports and governmental investigations in a variety of countries. For examples of luggage crime, please refer to our 'Breaking News' section, which is accessible from the menu at the header of this page. 

How can I tell if someone has tampered with the Securoseal on my luggage?

Securoseal provides you with tamper evidence at each vulnerable point of the device to ensure comprehensive tamper detection. This includes: 

The Securoseal strap:

  • A load bearing adhesive seal that attaches to a tamper evident surface with the texture of printed, plasticised paper. This surface is actually not paper, it is made of many layers of polypropylene micro-fibres that are pressed together in many directions. If the seal is broken, this surface disintegrates into tiny hair-like strands – no matter in which direction this breach occurs. 
  • A secondary numbered seal which is manufactured from a tamper evident film. If disturbed, different layers of the film tear away unevenly, leaving the word ‘VOID’ embossed in highly visible silver print on both the film and on the surface of the strap. 
  • A high strength buckle which is thermally sealed to the strap and which is irreversibly destroyed when removed from the strap. 
  • High strength fibreglass filaments which are inlaid into the fabric of the strap which provide a very high weight bearing capacity, so the strap remains in place even under the toughest handling conditions. 
  • Holes along the margins of the strap to accept the cable tie, so the zip sliders on your luggage can be secured and isolated. These holes are also reinforced with fibreglass filaments, ensuring that cable ties cannot be torn away from the strap without using considerable force and leaving significant tamper evidence. 

The cable tie:

  • A robust cable tie bearing the same serial number as the strap, ensuring that no replacement is possible. 
  • An internal metal locking system, so the seal is secure. 
  • A single use design, so once sealed, cable ties must be destroyed to be released. This is possible by twisting the cable ties in a clockwise direction.

What do I do if my luggage has been tampered with?

Please refer to our 'Tamper Response Protocol' under the 'How to Use' section of our website for comprehensive advice on how to deal with a tampering incident.

What are the unique identifiers for each Securoseal device and how do they work?

The numbers and barcodes on each Securoseal device are unique. Every component of a Securoseal device (strap, cable tie and receipt) each bear a corresponding number. This is to ensure that the Securoseal you use (and each component that makes up the device) is distinguishable from every other Securoseal device produced and sold by us. Think of this number like a fingerprint – it makes your device one of a kind. This means that your seal cannot be substituted for another Securoseal without you being able to see that a change has occurred. All you need to do is check the number on the strap against the number of your receipt to be sure.

Do I need to advise staff at check in of the receipt number of Securoseal?

Securoseal is in discussions with travel service providers to explore a common system for luggage safety. Currently, the travel sector does not have any universally applicable system for luggage security. Until this occurs, it will remain each passenger's responsibility to ensure their luggage is secure during transit. For recommendations on how to best maintain your safety during the check in and transit process, please refer to our 'Check In Protocol' under the 'How to Use' section of our website for comprehensive advice on how to protect yourself.

How come Securoseal is only single use?

Ask any thief: anything that is designed to be opened and closed repetitively can be breached and resealed without leaving a trace. Better still, check it out for yourself on our homepage. It is for this reason that Securoseal has been designed as a single use tamper evident device. Once applied, it cannot be removed without triggering the tamper evident features of the product.

Is Securoseal adjustable to fit different sized suitcases?

Securoseal has been designed to fit suitcases of different sizes that are commonly checked in for air travel. The device is adjustable in size, so it can fit a wide range of suitcases securely. The pictorial instructions which are included with each Securoseal product describe the simple application process.

Will my bag be easier to identify when I arrive to reclaim it after my travel?

Absolutely. The Securoseal device is highly visible and it will assist you in identifying your luggage at the baggage collection point. The surface of each Securoseal is also able to be written upon, so you can mark your luggage with your own personal information.

Are there any weight restrictions that I need to worry about when using Securoseal?

Using Securoseal does not require you to limit your luggage weight. Each device is able to withstand more than twice the maximum weight limit of checked air luggage to resist unintentional breakage during transport.

Is Securoseal heavy and will it affect the weight of my luggage?

Securoseal is ultra-light - in fact it weighs less than a common lock, so will not significantly affect your luggage weight.