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Our Story.

Securoseal was commissioned in 2005, after a crisis in travel security was discovered in Australia by the Wheeler Inquiry involving widespread airport and luggage crime.

After international systems tests in various airports around the world, the Securoseal product was first offered to the public in 2010. The launch coincided with a successful operation launched with Airports Company South Africa to safeguard flights from Johannesburg against baggage tampering immediately prior to FIFA World Cup.

Our Company
& Product.

Securoseal is an internationally patented product. It was designed in Australia by a team of qualified industrial design, materials and adhesives engineers. It has been tested and refined in different operational environments to ensure reliable performance.

Securoseal Global Ltd (a Hong Kong company) is responsible for the manufacture, sale and marketing of the Securoseal product. It has offices in Australia, Hong Kong, China, Colombia and the USA and a number of representative companies in other regions. Securoseal is affiliated with Looop, an international private equity and investment group.

Our Management

Mr Jeff Friedmann / Director -

Jeff Friedmann is CEO of Looop, a private equity venture capital group which operates numerous successful business enterprises internationally.

More about Jeff.

Dr Daniel Levin / Director -

Dr. Daniel Levin is a Board member of Liechtenstein Foundation for State Governance and several leading financial institutions.

More about Daniel.

Mr Dion Mrocki / Director - CEO Securoseal

Dion Mrocki is General Counsel at Looop and founder of Securoseal Pty Ltd, the entity responsible for research, development and testing of the Securoseal product.

More about Dion.

Mr Enrique Venguer / Managing Director, Latin America -

Enrique Venguer is an international transactions expert and leads our Latin American division. He is also affiliated with WW Capital Partners AG.

More about Enrique.

Ms Flor Marina Yepes Vargas / Managing Director, Securoseal de Colombia SAS -

Flor Marina Yepes Vargas is responsible for the management of Securoseal de Colombia SAS, our Colombian subsidiary. She is also affiliated with Basic Farm LTDA.

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