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  • 2m Security Seal

    Security Seal, an anti tampering device to close your bag and travel at ease. It comes with 2 zipper seals that wrap within the seal

    $15.00 USD

  • Canvas Suitcases

    This is an accordion Bag, made out of Canvas Cloth. Ideal for traveling. You can fold it and use it on your way back or it can save you the trip to use as a 2nd bag to bring onboard.

    $21.00 USD

  • Covers S

    Covers. made to protect your bag, with an thick an elastic cloth made to adapt to the form of the bag. It's reusable, just wash it and its ready to travel again. The cover wraps from underneath into the back side to a Velcro in order to sit tight on the bag.

    $17.00 USD