USA: The last TSA master key has been hacked

In a move to prove a point about security, a group of hackers have released blueprints to 3D print the eighth and last TSA master key this week at a conference in New York.

If you are unfamiliar, TSA approved locks allow luggage security personnel to unlock and inspect your bags without damaging locks, using master keys. There are two companies that design these locks, Travel Sentry, which outsources seven lock designs to other manufacturers, and Safe Skies which produces their own lock.

In 2014, the Washington Post inadvertently published an article which included a high resolution photo of all seven Travel Sentry TSA master keys. The photo has since been removed from the article, but not before someone was able to digitally recreate the keys, and then share the files. Less than a year later, 3D printed copies emerged, making all Travel Sentry locks essentially useless against theft. A hacker named Xylit0l used the high-quality public images and more data to make 3D printable copies of the Travel Sentry master keys. DarkSim905, Johnny Xmas and another hacker later added to the project with some fixes.

The Safe Skies key was more difficult to reproduce, with zero images of it being publicly available. However, because they only make one master key, all their locks contained the data needed.

“This was done by legally procuring actual locks, comparing the inner workings, and finding the common denominator. It’s a great metaphor for how weak encryption mechanisms are broken – gather enough data, find the pattern, then just ‘math’ out a universal key (or set of keys),” Johnny Xmas explained at the Eleventh HOPE conference in New York.

Purchasing as many Safe Skies locks and keys for examination as possible, the possible key blanks were identified and existing keys were modified to match them. “Once I had blank keys that would fit the locks I needed to figure out what the cuts should be,” Nite 0wl added.

More information and video available here:

Source: 3D Printing Industry.

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