USA: CNN reports airline employee troubles include accusations from organized crime to cocaine.

A flight attendant accused of carrying nearly 69 pounds of cocaine. A pilot charged with moonlighting as a pimp. An allegedly drunk co-pilot stopped before takeoff. A ramp agent charged with trying to move almost $300,000.

The recent spate of airline employee arrests -- including the above examples -- might make travelers wonder about the screening process for those involved in safely moving them and their stuff.
    There are hundreds of airports in the United States; at the larger ones, there might be tens of thousands of people working up front and behind the scenes.
    But as CNN learned in an investigation last year, only a few facilities screen every employee who has secure access.
    Do these latest incidents suggest that this shouldn't be the case, and that the airline industry needs to do more to tighten security among its workers?
    Investigators said last week that JetBlue flight attendant Marsha Gay Reynolds was hauling two carry-on bags stuffed with cocaine when she tried to pass through a known crew member checkpoint this month at Los Angeles International Airport.
    Jean Yves Selius, a Delta Air Lines ramp agent, was arrested Saturday at Florida's Palm Beach International Airport for allegedly trying to hand off nearly $282,000 in cash to someone inside an airport bathroom.
    More information and a video news report available here: 
    Source: CNN.

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