USA: 4WWL Investigative Report on Baggage Handler Theft of Firearms and Valuables in US Aviation System.

An investigative report into baggage handling theft in the USA has revealed ineffective investigation into widespread crime.  The investigative report notes that Air travel consumer advocates agree, and the president of the National Association of Airline Passengers said the lack of investigation of thefts from checked baggage magnifies that safety risk instead of dampening it, because if people can easily take things out of checked bags, they could very likely put things in them. The report notes a lack of transparency about crime, noting that the majority of incidents are not recorded in police reports and airlines that were approached for information did not disclose any statistics.  More information available here:

Source: 4WWL

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Tamper evident
surface seal.

Highly sensitive tamper indication with a unique identity number. Tampering in any direction will create a void tamper pattern.

Tamper evident
load bearing seal.

Strong enough to hold double the maximum checked weight limit for luggage. Once sealed, tampering in any direction will cause the surface to fragment.

Tamper evident
zip seal.

Isolate zips with a single use cable tie. Includes an internal ‘one way’ metal sealing device. Numbered & bar coded to match the unique identity number of your seal. Once sealed, attempted removal will leave tamper evidence on the cable tie.

Identification &
receipt system.

Each seal is marked with a unique identity number and includes a tamper evident receipt that is adhesive. Keep the receipt with you to verify the identity number of your seal.

Single use
buckle release.

At your destination, your seal can be released without cutting tools. Use of this function will leave tamper evidence on the buckle.

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