Philippines: City mayor demands Philippine President to act on airport bullet scam.

Tough-talking Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte was irked by President Aquino's statement downplaying the "tanim-bala" scam at the airports where unscrupulous airport security personnel allegedly put a bullet or two in the luggage of unsuspecting travelers so they will pay up to avoid charges. Duterte, who continues to go around the country while denying he will run for president, said Aquino should act to put a stop to the racket rather than dismiss the matter.  Duterte noted that the tanim-bala scam had been going on for years since he was a city prosecutor for 10 years, claiming that most of the victims were Japanese nationals. What galls him this time, he said, was that elderly overseas Filipino workers were being victimized, such as Gloria Ortinez, a 56-year-old OFW returning to Hong Kong, who was apprehended at the airport because of a bullet found in her luggage. More information available here:

Source: Asia One.

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