India: Loaders, staff under lens after thefts at Delhi's IGI Airport.

NEW DELHI: Make sure that you check your luggage at your destination if you are carrying valuables along. With the festive season on, gangs of loaders and ground staff involved in thefts from check-in baggage at IGI airport have become active. In the first 10 days of October, IGI police arrested four loaders and registered seven theft cases where even the groud staff was involved. The gangs operate in teams and include loaders, airline staff, ground staff deployed near security check areas and the house-keeping staff. The moment a bag with some valuables is detected during screening after check-in, the information is passed on to one of the house-keeping staffers who are mobile across the floor. They in turn inform loaders who carry luggage to the cargo hold of aircrafts after screening. The loaders carry out the thefts as are experts in opening bags without breaking locks. Security personnel at IGI said these men are so well aware of the location of valuables in a bag that they create a small opening to facilitate theft without disturbing the order of other packed items. "In many cases, loaders have been found carrying small screwdrivers or pins to pluck off the zip of a bag. After the theft, the zip is attached again. Due to this, passengers do not suspect anything when they receive the baggage at their destination and only realize what happened later," said a security official.

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Source: The Times of India.

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