Recommendations at check-in to maximize your safety:

Many products on the market allow you to seal a suitcase.  However, each of them is a reactionary solution to a common problem - they do not cover all the bases.  The Securoseal difference is that it has been specifically designed to comprehensively seal your suitcase in a tamper evident and traceable manner. It is the only device of its kind in the world that accomplishes these functions. 

As current travel environments (such as airports, rail services, freight networks and road service providers) lack universally accepted systems to track and trace consignments in a secure manner, it is up to you to do everything possible to establish the condition of your suitcase at the time it is handed over to your service provider.  If you take a moment to perform the following steps, you protect yourself against potential loss and legal liability should a tampering incident occur:

      • Buy Securoseal before you travel.
          • Apply Securoseal to your suitcase in accordance with the included instructions.
              • At check in, take a picture of your suitcase and the seal.  It is important that you record the device's unique serial number, the secure condition of the strap's seal and the cable tie seals.
                  • Hand the receipt to your check in operator and ask for the receipt to be affixed to your record of travel.  The receipt is tamper evident and becomes permanently affixed to uncoated paper travel documents.
                      • Take a picture of the check in operator attaching the receipt to the travel document.  Take care to capture the details of the unique serial number.
                          • Most travelers have a camera handy.  Almost every mobile phone now has a camera function. Use it.  A picture is worth a thousand words.

                            Following these simple steps provides you with a real-time record of the use and condition of the seal.  Together with the tamper evident functions of Securoseal, these steps will provide you and the relevant authorities with evidence that your case was sealed should a tampering event occur during transit.

                            As you will discover below, objective proof is the key to resolving liabilities that occur as a result of tampering incidents.

                            Recommendations for resolving a tampering incident:

                            Each tampering incident is different. The decisions you will need to make if tampering occurs are not just determined by the suspected condition of your luggage, but also need to take into account the laws that apply in the country you are in at the time the incident occurs.

                            While different countries have different laws, it is safe to assume the following:

                              • You will be subject to the domestic laws of the country you are currently in. Your country of citizenship may offer assistance to you (ie: monetary support or sourcing legal representation) in the event you are subjected to legal proceedings, but it will not interfere in the operation of domestic legal processes on your behalf.
                              • Should you choose to collect your luggage from the carousel, you will be deemed to have custody and control of the contents of your luggage.In the event you have custody and control of your luggage, when you pass through customs it is reasonable to assume that local authorities will hold you accountable for the contents of your luggage unless you can definitively prove that the contents are not your own. 
                              • While each country’s laws are different, this presumption is the safest one to make, especially if you are no longer sure about the contents of your luggage. It is a common mistake to believe that under law you are always innocent until proven guilty. In many cases, especially when it comes to drugs laws in a customs setting, the burden of proving your innocence may fall upon you to avoid liability for an offence. We recommend that you take some time to do some research into your intended destination and know the facts before your departure. Here are a few legal examples of countries where the onus of proof shifts once you have custody of your luggage:

                              AustraliaHong KongUnited Arab EmiratesMalaysiaSingaporeChina.

                              • If you are considered accountable for the contents of your luggage by local authorities, in the event that contraband is found, you may be charged with an offence and either fined or detained until a court with domestic jurisdiction determines your liability for the charged offences (if any) according to the domestic law of the country you are in.
                              Using Securoseal as a tamper evident seal will allow you to identify if the seal of your case has been tampered with at first sight of your luggage after transit. Although your decision about how to handle a tampering incident is ultimately your own, we recommend that you consider the following in making your decision:
                                • Before you collect your luggage from the carousel and proceed through customs, visually inspect the condition of your Securoseal device. The Securoseal device is designed to leave highly visible evidence of tampering, so you should be able to verify the condition of the seal easily. Most luggage collection points are under video surveillance, so the condition of the seal, your luggage and your actions are likely to be recorded.
                                • If the seal is damaged or missing, or your luggage is damaged or breached, you need to decide whether you want to collect your bag or not. The advantage of refusing to collect luggage is that you have not yet taken custody and control of your luggage. Tracing the chain of custody back to you is often a critical element of fulfilling the legal requirements for drugs offences in many jurisdictions.
                                • If you choose not to collect your luggage, you may alert authorities to the condition of your luggage while it is still on the carousel. As you have not yet taken custody of the item, in the event that contraband is discovered or theft has occurred you may have a more credible allegation that this was due to the act of a third party while your luggage was in transit. The Securoseal device may also serve as evidence that the outer seal of your case has been altered by a third party during transit.

                                Securoseal is more than just a luggage seal.  It is a travel necessity.  Don't take your chances, take Securoseal.

                                How Securoseal Protects.

                                • Strap your suitcase closed, seal your zips and keep a numbered receipt.

                                • Stronger than 2x your maximum check in weight. Securoseal stays sealed.

                                • Tamper evident technology helps you detect a tampering event.

                                Tamper evident
                                surface seal.

                                Highly sensitive tamper indication with a unique identity number. Tampering in any direction will create a void tamper pattern.

                                Tamper evident
                                load bearing seal.

                                Strong enough to hold double the maximum checked weight limit for luggage. Once sealed, tampering in any direction will cause the surface to fragment.

                                Tamper evident
                                zip seal.

                                Isolate zips with a single use cable tie. Includes an internal ‘one way’ metal sealing device. Numbered & bar coded to match the unique identity number of your seal. Once sealed, attempted removal will leave tamper evidence on the cable tie.

                                Identification &
                                receipt system.

                                Each seal is marked with a unique identity number and includes a tamper evident receipt that is adhesive. Keep the receipt with you to verify the identity number of your seal.

                                Single use
                                buckle release.

                                At your destination, your seal can be released without cutting tools. Use of this function will leave tamper evidence on the buckle.

                                Don't chance it.
                                Get protection.

                                Buy the Securoseal tamper evident luggage seal today.

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