Australia, Sydney: Operation Heritage leads to conviction of 3 customs agents for drug importation and corruption offences.

The Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity reports that anti-corruption Operation 'Heritage' led to the conviction of 3 customs officials for drug importation, bribery and abuse of public office offences in June 2014.  In addition to the prosecution of these individuals, numerous other public officials were subject to other charges (and internal disciplinary measures).  Details concerning further officials has been withheld due to legal processes (appeals, etc).  The full investigation report has been withheld until all legal proceedings are finalised.  However the public press release is available at this link:

Source: Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity.

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load bearing seal.

Strong enough to hold double the maximum checked weight limit for luggage. Once sealed, tampering in any direction will cause the surface to fragment.

Tamper evident
zip seal.

Isolate zips with a single use cable tie. Includes an internal ‘one way’ metal sealing device. Numbered & bar coded to match the unique identity number of your seal. Once sealed, attempted removal will leave tamper evidence on the cable tie.

Identification &
receipt system.

Each seal is marked with a unique identity number and includes a tamper evident receipt that is adhesive. Keep the receipt with you to verify the identity number of your seal.

Single use
buckle release.

At your destination, your seal can be released without cutting tools. Use of this function will leave tamper evidence on the buckle.

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